Green Construction & The Future of Home Building

Builder Sawing Wood On WorkbenchThe evolution of home building can be seen throughout history. Houses started out modest, with just a few varieties in the way of style. In the 1950’s, cookie cutter houses grew to be a trend, and everybody ended up having the very same kinds of houses in very similar community developments.

Of course, there are also custom homes that are unique to the owner’s tastes. Many are being built in contemporary, modern and minimalistic styles. Interior design and decor also reflect this concept with the idea that “less is more”, using simple layouts and minimal yet highly functional furniture,¬†like this furniture set.

Now, one of the more popular and growing trends in the market today is green building.

Green home construction is getting lots of attention thanks to a growing concern about how we can conserve our valuable resources. Not only are homeowners interested in using renewable resources for building materials, but they also want to design energy-efficient homes.

Therefore,two big focus points in green construction are building homes that are more efficient at (1) generating and (2) saving energy, water and light. Items like solar panels, home-heating electric fireplace inserts, Solatubes, reduced flow shower heads and rainwater harvesting barrels are in high demand.

A growing number of homeowners also want to be self-sustainable and have more control over their environment. This can range from urban dwellers growing herbs and vegetables in their own backyard vertical gardens like this one – to people with the goal of living completely off the grid.

Green Home Improvement Statistics

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Sometimes the cost to build an eco-friendly home can be more expensive initially. However, less waste and lower energy costs can more than make up for the costs in the long run. One example of this is cork flooring. Cork is a renewable resource that also acts as an efficient insulator. Homeowners can feel good about using this material for their floors while also enjoying lower heating and air conditioning bills due to better insulation.

In addition, there can be multiple health benefits as well. Some people experience allergies or environmental sensitivities that can be easily remedied by using natural materials inside their homes. For example furniture, bedding and other home decor items are now available in organic fabrics or eco-friendly materials.

In many cases, people interested in living a sustainable living lifestyle simply want to know that they are helping the environment – whether they have to spend more money to do it or not. Being able to also enjoy better health and lower energy bills is just the icing on the cake.